Corporate Identity Development

Corporate identity means how you present your business to the outside world. Its definition applies to your company’s visual assets and brand designs e.g. fonts, illustrations, colors, photography, pattersn, symbols and animations.
In today’s competitive market, you can use corporate identity as a powerful tool to draw customers’ attention. By developing a corporate identity, you’re helping your customers better understand the value of your product or service while also creating an impression that builds trust and credibility.
Corporate Identity Development

How Necessary is to have a Corporate Identity?

It enhances your brand value, provides employees with direction and motivation, and assists you in acquiring new customers. Have a look at some blissful benefits of corporate identity.

Builds Recognition

A strong corporate identity makes your business reputation in a way that an appealing logo, awe-inspiring content, and positive interaction with customers ensure your customers interact with your brand more closely and allow you to build your brand recognition.

Supports Marketing Efforts

If your brand identity is excellent, it will surely help you strengthen your marketing efforts and reduce your marketing costs by building your brand’s credibility among your customers, making them aware, and enhancing their satisfaction.

Generates Revenue

Being humans, it’s natural that we get attracted to something interesting and unique. That’s simply how corporate identity works to generate revenue for you with the help of a unique brand style guide and creative design solutions.

We Help You Get Identified Globally

Socialo offers you the supporting hands to compete and win in today’s highly competitive market.

Logo Design

We include logo design services to provide you with a strong first impression, grab customers’ attention, and establish the foundation of your brand identity which will separate your business from the competition and win customers’ loyalty.


Typography is extremely important in building your corporate identity, and we’re the ace of it, we play with typefaces and set different tones and moods that can determine the desired representation of your brand value.

Brand Style Guide

Utilizing your brand style guide, we ensure all messaging is aligned with the design standards of your organization. This helps differentiate you from rivals while furthering marketing objectives and reinforcing your overarching goals!

Marketing Material Design

We provide design services for social media marketing and print media marketing (business cards, infographics, email or social media campaigns, and more) to effectively help you present your products and services to your target market.

Our Process Breaks the Success Barriers
and Accelerate Your Brand Value


01/ Extensive Research

Research determines the success of any brand’s identity development. It minimizes the risks of failure, bolds your design approaches, and measures the return on marketing investments, that’s why before Kick-starting your corporate identity development, we conduct thorough research to dig out if your brand strategy and visual identity systems are resonating with your audience or not.

02/ Concept Preparation

In our second step, we prepare different brand concepts that speak to the emotions of your customers and make your brand unique and set it apart from its competition which is remarkably helpful in increasing your brand reputation and sales too.

03/ Project Delivery

After getting everything done, we deliver you the source files of your brand development project that contain editable sources (text, logo, marketing contents, and more) so that you can later edit anything if needed.

We Know How to Present Your Brand to the World


Rather than trying to give everything to everyone, we keep ourselves focused on your brand by understanding its purpose and mission and spending our energy and intelligence exactly toward what it was supposed to be.


We dive deep into the value proposition of your brand and strategize things to get you ahead of the competition. We distinguish you through a unique brand message that frequently references your brand’s particular functions and features that set you apart.

Save Your Time and Money

We understand that being a business owner it’s nearly impossible to spare time to manage multiple things at the same time, and we care about it. Our supporting hands are always ready to hold you so that you can get your business to the highest possible level at a ridiculously low investment.

Socialo For Corporate Identity Development
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Frequently Asked Questions
We’ll need all the information about your business to understand closely your business nature, goals and its vision.
Brand style guide is the ultimate guide that combines all the brand elements correctly. It is the key to creating a unified, recognizable presence for your company. Defining standards across everything from logo usage and colors to grammar and tone of voice helps ensure that all communications reflect who you are as an organization – giving every consumer a consistent experience when engaging with your business.
You can check our detailed portfolio by clicking the link.
Despite our engagement with multiple clients at the same time, we focus separately on every project and personalize each one, and It’s always our priority to save your valuable time and deliver every project before due time. But in case of extra urgency, you can freely contact our client support team, and we’ll find out the possibilities for you.
We’ll provide editable EPS/ PSD, JPG, PDF, PNG, and SVG Files.

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