Top 4 Reasons Why to Redesign your Website

In the digital marketing industry’s revolutionary age, having an outdated website might have negative impacts on your business. Two commonly asked questions of companies that consult us are, “Do we need to redesign our website to compete or rank higher?”” If we suggest them to redesign, then another question is, “Why our website needs to be redesigned? Did it accomplish its purpose??”

By redesigning your website, it can get back in the digital marketplace with advance competitive capabilities. There are many reasons a website should be redesigned, several more convincing than the others. To boost the effectiveness of your website while rebuilding it, here are few questions that will be the reasons to redesign your website

Is your website user friendly?

User experience, or UX, is a vital aspect of your website. It is how they feel when visiting your website and what are their thoughts after leaving this site. Did they discover whatever thing they were searching for? Would it encourage them to come back? Is the navigation easy? Did it sound like a great service provider? For an even optimized user experience, you just want all of those questions to have a final yes.

For new customers, when they visit your website, it might be their first experience with your business, and you want them to have an image of who you are and what your services are. You can create a successful first impression by attractively showing your business information.

Is your website mobile friendly?

With almost 67 percent of visitors are mobile users, it is essential that your website be mobile-friendly (having compatibility with mobile devices). If your site provides two different interfaces between desktop and smartphone, the experience can be problematic. E.g., The website interface is not fitted into the mobile device’s screen size. Visitors might be using various phone devices, including an iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Samsung note, etc. It is no longer appropriate for the business site to be outstanding and engaging to just the desktop customers. Mobile-first site architecture plays into search engine results, which could keep individual visitors from turning to your high-value customers.

How successful is your website relative to your competitors?

All the businesses have rivals, but your website can do anything distinctive that sets you apart from the others. Consider the factors that distinguish you from the competitors—are you using these particular selling points services on your website? If not, do so. Demonstrating out your unique selling proposition (USP) allows you a standout from the rest of the bunch.

Set aside some time to recognize the common features your rivals had. This is a fantastic way for you to develop your experience and skills. E.g., if they utilize any of their website tools, do some analysis, create a strategy, and then build on the ideas obtained by making their website resources.

Is the information easy for users to find?

The website layout has to be simple in look, quick to access, and fun to browse. A visitor should be able to access the site as quickly as a person who has been browsing the site daily. The navigation should have the main job of making information stuff simple to navigate. You can be swift when it comes to fetching the audience’s attention or introducing your business or commodity. Highlight the most important and valuable pages in the primary navigation and hide pages that provide more comprehensive details in the additional navigation. Here, the trick is to be good at spotting the gap between your main and secondary pages. It is necessary to review each site page carefully when redesigning the website.

Redesigning a website interface doesn’t have to be a frustrating operation. At Socialo, we will assist you with the process. Here at Socialo,we have our professional designers and developers; we will smoothly redesign your existing website with all desired features.  If you think you are ready to head redesigning, let us help you get back to you in the digital business market!