UI/UX Design Service

UI stands for User Interface, it is all about how your web application is structured and what kind of visual elements are used in it. While UX stands for user experience, it influences how a particular user interect with your application or software, or website.
A good UI/UX improves users’ quality of life which turns into more user engagement and ultimately generates more conversions. It gains your credibility and helps you to grow brand awareness.
UI/UX Design

Here’s How Essential UI/UX Design for Your Website, Software or Application

Having an appealing UI/UX could be the deciding factor when visitors are trying to choose between your product and a competitor’s. You can turn things around with captivating UI/UX that keep users engaged and perform valuable actions.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Well-researched UI/UX is an effective marketing strategy often used by businesses because if your UI/UX design is attractive, easy to navigate, and persuasive, then you can acquire new customers and retain the old ones by providing them what they’re looking for.

Save Your Time and Money

A simple and well-designed UI/UX helps you avoid the cost and saves your time and effort because when a website, software, or application is buggy and difficult to use, users come to you with complaints that affect your brand value, and you might’ve to spend extra time and money.

Enhance Productivity

With a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, search time for users decreases, and their satisfaction increases. Which leads to clarifying the user's vision and improving sales volume and productivity.

Our UI/UX Design Services Build a Bridge Between Your Brand and Your Customers

We offer UI/UX design services to create easy, efficient, relevant, and all-around pleasant experiences for your target audience.

UX Research

A good UX design starts with thorough research, and that’s why we conduct deep UX research to detect your project’s pain points and check what ways are possible to make your project a real problem-solving for users.

Mobile App UI Design

Your mobile app’s success depends on the way how the user feels and interacts with it. UI design plays a vital role in app development as well, we understand its importance and plan your UI design to keep the development process simple and make your app’s users feel like a home.

Website UI Design

Our website UI design services are to make sure that your website interface should have elements that are easy to access, understand, and can facilitate users in doing the actions that they want to do.

Landing Page UI Design

Landing pages are also described as one-page websites, which are specifically used to drive particular actions from the audience. We offer you landing page UI design services to illustrate a landing page that provides users with an attractive interface, builds your credibility, and leads them to act according to your goal.

Our Process Decreases the Odds of Your Website’s Software’s or application’s Failure


01/ UX Research

Research defines all the subsequent steps of the website, or application development process and determines the capabilities and complexities of a successful website or application design, that’s why we systematically and thoroughly analyze your target audience and different other aspects to address your target audience’s needs and goals through UI/UX design.

02/ Creation of Sitemap and User Flow

After research, we create hierarchical diagrams (sitemap and user flow) of your software, website, or application. This process helps ensure the roadmap of a customer when he lands on your website, the purpose of the project is identified before development, eliminates the excessive elements from the design process, and saves cost and time throughout the process.

03/ Sketch the Wireframe

Once we’ve done with the sitemap and user flow, we create a wireframe of your project to determine its user interface and experience by focusing on space allocation and prioritization of content, functionalities available, and intended behaviors.

04/ Presentation of Mockup

To give you a good and clear idea of the functionality, user journey, and flow of your project, we present you the mock-up to show you how your website, software, or application will seem after its completion and later on we convert that into the prototype to simulate your project’s look and behavior as closely as possible.

05/ Usuability Testing

After getting the prototype done, we conduct a usability test on it through various testing methods. User testing helps a lot to verify if the solution works for users, or if we need to make some improvements.

Socialo Transforms Your Dreams into Reality


We identify the problems of your target audience during the research process and design your UI/UX in a way that solves their problems effectively and makes your project sales driven.

Innovative Design

In today’s modern world, UI/UX design is very crucial for your website or application, it can make or break your reputation. Having worked on numerous successful projects, we have got all the tools and tricks of designing your project’s UI/UX according to the demands of the modern-age audience and keeping them engaged with you.

Affordable Pricing

At once, people who come to us don’t believe how an agency can provide such high-quality services at such a ridiculously low price. But it's a reality, we do it all because we love to meet and help new people and build unbreakable business relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Some information about your project like:
  • Detailed Brief,
  • Content Text
  • Inspirations / Reference Websites,
  • Brand Style Guide
If you don’t have any content and brand guidelines then we can help you from the scratch. See our corporate identity development service.

UI/UX design is the graphical design version of the website, which requires a developer to integrate it into the live website. So, the final output will be Figma/XD, which is ready for the developers to code.

We believe in teamwork. Your involvement in the design process is very important to us. We will keep sending you updates and working on multiple revisions throughout the project to make sure that you are satisfied with the progress.

For any additional requirements, you can reach out to us. Our project manager will be glad to assist you, and we’ll seek out the possibilities for your requirements.

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