Website Maintenance

Website maintenance services refer to the tasks required for keeping your website functioning correctly and up-to-date. It involves regularly checking the website for issues, making the website customer-friendly, protecting it from any kind of harm, and regular updates.
It also includes updating content, adding images and products, optimizing pages, updating functionalities, and much more to run your website smoothly and interact and engage with your customers effectively.
Website Maintenance

Why Website Maintenance is Essential?

Just like a physical office, the website is your virtual office that represents your business across the digital space, and if your office is outdated it will put a bad impact on your business reputation. On the other hand, a well-maintained and optimized website gets you several benefits, and here are a few of those:

Better User Experience

It’s a fact that approximately 90% of customers are unlikely to visit a website when they face a negative user experience. Monitoring and maintaining optimal website performance help you to provide a positive user experience, which enables you to acquire new customers and retain the old ones.

Stand Out From Your Competition

A well-maintained website is key to making sure you outshine the competition and get noticed by Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pag) and 75% of the visitor doesn't go through the second page of google.

Safe and Secure

An outdated website makes it vulnerable to cyberattacks and your business's reputation, and it’s a fact that a huge 87% of customers leave your website and go elsewhere if they aren't confident about your ability to keep their information secure. While regular maintenance and security monitoring mitigate risks and provide peace of mind to you and your customers.

Socialo’s Groundbreaking Website Maintenance Package Includes Smooth Operations

Our website maintenance package helps to assure your site security, increase traffic, website quality, and more. Let’s have a quick view at the services that are included in this package

WordPress Website

Our WordPress website maintenance services comprise a series of tasks to make sure that your WordPress site is secure, fast-loading, optimized, and performing at optimal level.

Custom Website

It’s essential for providing a good experience to your customers that your website is secure, user-friendly, and reliable, which is possible through regularly monitoring the faults and ensuring that everything is updated and responsive.

Bug Fixes

Website bugs cause big problems from broken links to crashing browsers and resist your website from performing the tasks that it was intended to do, but we at Socialo fix them for you to make your website bug-free and dig out the desired outcomes from it.

Content Updates

Website content refers to text, formatting & optimizing images, and other assets on your website. Our website content update service includes updating images and contents of your website according to your requirements and trends to keep it ranked high on search engines.

E-commerce product updates

Updating products on the website is time-consuming and requires taking pains, but not anymore. Our e-commerce product update service covers this task so that you can focus on other core business elements and spare plenty of time to bring out new strategies.

Backup and Security

Can you imagine the consequences of losing the data on your website? One of them is, “You might have to start everything from the scratch”. But don’t worry, our backup and security services are made to build a solid steel wall around your website so that if any unfortunate occurs you can restore your backed-up data and save your time, effort, and money.

What Makes Us Different in Website Maintenance

Cheap Monthly Maintenance Cost

The process of keeping your website updated and maintained according to the latest trends and technologies can take an enormous amount of time and money, but not with us. For example; WordPress website maintenance starts from only 20 USD/month.

Boost up Traffic

We update your content and maintain your website with the most recent trends in search engine optimization, which helps improve your search engine rankings and divert the traffic to your site.

No Costly Error or Downtime

Socialo's website maintenance experts are ready to jump into action whenever you experience issues with your site, ensuring that any potential problems so there won't be a need to worry about lost money or extended downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We’ll need admin access to your website, ideally with our own login. However, we are happy to use any admin login you provide. We may also need access to your hosting provider and domain name provider.
On the basic maintenance service package we’ll cover the following:
  • Update contents and images
  • Work on speed and media file optimization
  • Website security and backup
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Bug fixes and updates
  • Adding additional sections
Yes, we provide monthly website maintenance in which we will be managing your website for the best performance, fixing any types of errors, updating themes and plugins, enhancing security, taking regular backups, and much more.
Of course! Backups are paramount, and we’ll set up and configure multiple backup solutions so if there ever was a disaster, your site could be restored within a few hours.
Yes, our website speed optimization service package covers all of the crucial optimization processes to increase your website speed on GTMetrix and Google Pagespeed Insights.
We provide advanced SEO services on monthly basis to increase your organic traffic and rank your website on the search engine result page. Click here to check our service offerings.

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