Google My Business Manager

Google My Business (GMB), is a way introduced by Google for businesses to manage their presence across different Google products including Maps, Google+, Google Local, and Google’s search results.
It allows you to create your Google business listing (Business profile) and showcase your business on Google Maps and in the local results of Google search, which will help you boost your business visibility and attract potential customers.
Google Business Manager

Is Listing Your Business on Google My Business Really Worth it

Google My Business is a marketing tool that will do much of the marketing work for you and get your business noticed across Google. Have a quick view of some of its utilities.

Improves SEO

Once your Google business profile is well optimized by adding basic business information, business logo, cover photo, images, and some more things, it can be turned into a very powerful SEO tool.

Customer Review

GMB gives you the ultimate advantage to build trust among your competitors and shows potential customers why they should choose you. By allowing people to review your business, GMB can give you a boost in authority, setting you apart from the rest!

Audience Insights

It helps you gather insights on important areas to assist you in making marketing strategies and decisions. It enables you to access statistics and insights to determine where your audience is coming from.

We Serve to Promote Your Local Business Globally

Our Google Business Manager services are created to enable you to manage how your business appears online across Google and make your business stand out from the crowd.

GMB Listing Setup

If you want your business to be visible between relevant organic search results of your niche and Google Ads spots, then our GMB listing setup services are for you to make your Google marketing dreams a reality.

Info Optimization

Our info optimization plays a crucial role to improve your position in google searches and help your customers find your products and services at the right time when they are searching for relevant businesses and services.

Monthly Post

After your GMB listing is live and well-optimized, the next and most important stage is to pull and engage the audience, which we do by offering you monthly posts so that your audience can understand your brand deeper and better, and you enjoy the profits.

Socialo Helps You to Make Your Business More Visible on Google


01/ Audit Listing

In order to evaluate how your business is performing on Google and what are the weak areas, we conduct audits on your Google My Business Listing to understand where improvements are required to make your listing closer to your goals.

02/ Create Action Plan

Once we find out the areas that need attention on the basis of the audit report, our masterminds know how to make solid and proven strategies specific to your business, which leads to well-optimized and more visiting GMB.

03/ Enhance and Optimize Google Business Profile

We optimize your listing to convert it into a dynamic snapshot of your business that highlights your best features and enables your potential customers to quickly find, learn and engage with your business.

04/ Monthly Reporting

We provide you with monthly reports to keep you updated on how your Google My Business listing is performing (local search results, Google ranking, and customer engagement).

Here’s How Socialo is Above Others for Your GMB


Our team members are well-experienced in their specific areas and when it comes to Google My Business they know how to set up, optimize, and manage your GMB to make it a revenue-generating source for you.

Focused on You

At Socialo it’s always about you, we take responsibility for your GMB project and perform everything according to your requirements to make it customized so that your GMB can convey a clear brand voice and attract never-ending customers.

Cost Effective

You might’ve tried many digital marketing methods, and you probably understand how much money agencies ask to provide you services without the surety of results. But we don’t work on unethical basis and that’s why our prices are ridiculously low, even small businesses can afford our services very easily and make their digital marketing dreams come true.

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Frequently Asked Questions
First thing you’ll need is a physical address, as it’s necessary to create a listing on GMB. Then We’ll need some more information about your business like contact info, services, and images etc.
The Business Category that suits you also confirms your Google My Business verification. It could be verified right after the process completion and in some cases, it could take up to 30 days. The country is also a modifier in such cases.
Absolutely! Specially if you have a local business GMB helps you to bring traffic to your website and generate local leads.
GMB can be a great way to attract local customers. However, if you want to capitalize on all the potential opportunities for increased sales and revenue, an effective Google Ads campaign is key – we’d love to offer our expert advice during a free consultation about your business’s big-picture plans! Schedule now.

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