Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is one of the most trending practices where we run and manage advertising campaigns by targeting potential customers. Those campaigns can be used to drive traffic to your website, create leads, generate sales, and build customer relationships.
Facebook in marketing, is one step ahead of other social media networks as it has the most number of users, and it adopts the latest trends by updating its services which open new doors of growth opportunities.
Facebook Marketing

Why You Should Not Overlook Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has approximately 3 billion users currently, which is almost 40% of the world’s population, and the number is increasing with every passing day. That’s why in order to achieve your business marketing goals, you should never overlook Facebook marketing. Following are some benefits people are getting from Facebook Marketing:


Facebook allows you micro-audience targeting, which is the most targeted form of advertising. In this kind of targeting you can target audiences based on interests, behaviors, demographics, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages and enhance your chances of attracting relevant customers and save time and marketing costs.

Custom Call-to-Action (CTA)

Advertising on Facebook provides you the facility to add custom CTA buttons, that helps your audience to take actions that you want them to do whether it’s for a lead generation purpose, selling purpose, or just a message conversion.

Analytics and Reports

Facebook advertising share with you the performance of your ads to make you worriless about the results, as you’ll be able to determine conversion rates and metrics and improve ad campaigns according to analytics reports and get the optimal outcomes.

We Help You Present Your Business
to potential customer

Our Facebook marketing package includes an all-in-one solution for your business to reach out to a massive audience and increase your odds of becoming a super hit brand. Our Facebook marketing services include:

Facebook Page Setup and Optimization

To run ads and build your brand image, you must need a Facebook page. We understand your needs and offer you Facebook page setup and appropriate optimization of it in all possible areas in order to get the utmost helpful results for your business.

Data-driven Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ad campaigns are not as simple as people take them. If your campaign isn’t up to the mark, it’ll not get you any results and your cost will be lost. That’s why we provide you with the data-driven ad campaigns that we create by implementing several essential factors like the right audience targetting, cost per click, optimized budgeting, compelling content, and many more to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Right Steps toward Facebook Marketing Lead to the Right Destination


01/ Define Ideal Customers

It’s the most crucial stage of Facebook marketing and that’s what we cover as the very first step of any Facebook marketing project by targeting the right and the ideal audience to make your ad campaigns profitable.

02/ Setup Specific Funnel

We cover funnel setup for your specific marketing campaigns and make a path that your customers travel through, from the initial stage where they learn about your product or business to the final stage of taking actions.

03/ Optimize Ad Target

We look after and optimize your ad target manually according to the campaign's goals to help you reach the audience that is more likely to convert.

04/ Troubleshoot and Optimized

Facebook changes its strategies for ads constantly, which can affect ads badly, but with us, your ad campaigns are in safe hands. We constantly monitor and track your ad campaigns and optimize them if any tweaks are traced to keep the flow of conversion.

Why Us to Advertise Your Business on Facebook?

No Guess Work

Unlike others, we don’t gamble with your Facebook marketing campaigns. Even though it’s a bit risky to run ads on Facebook, you can’t predict exact results, we draw on our experience to make your ad campaign closest to your expectations.

Fast Result

We understand you want to be on top of trends without any interruptions. That’s why keep the focus on your ad campaigns and ensure quick work turnaround to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Familiarity With Facebook Rules

We’re familiar with Facebook rules and regulations and keep your account running as you probably know, Facebook is very strict with rules to keep their users happy and doesn’t approve any ad that’s not according to its criteria, even sometimes Facebook ban accounts that fail to follow rules.

Socialo For Facebook Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions
Don’t worry, We’ll set up a Facebook ad account to run your Facebook ad campaigns.
Depending on your business and what you have to offer, we’ll work together to figure out the best solution for a landing page. If it’s determined that a sales page is necessary, click here to learn more about how this could benefit your brand!
You might know it’s against Facebook’s TOS to advertise cryptocurrencies, prescription/illegal drugs, firearms, ammunition, tobacco products & e-cigs, animals, adult services/products, gambling products, loans, MLM products/services, prohibited supplements & deceptive goods/services.
No, Facebook will bill you for ads depending on how much you want to spend. We’ll only charge for our services of ad setup and management/monitoring/support.
Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee sales. Sales depend on many factors including the quality of your landing page, your business nature, product type or services, budget, and your audience. While sales success may be difficult to predict, we’re here to help! Our team is ready and willing to work with you every step of the way – from creating a compelling landing page that captures potential customers’ attention, through plan a sales funnel and managing facebook ads.
Yes, working with Socialo is an extremely personalized experience. We communicate with you, time by time, to make initial strategies before we launch your ads and keep you updated about the performance of your ad campaigns.

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